About crossPORT


Over 100 years in sales, management, marketing and engineering experience, we bring industry recognized expertise, having delivered over 150 high speed transfer solutions, and launching several USB companies into the American Market. Direct relationships connect us to key industry leaders, for all aspects of our business, including suppliers, industry associations, customers, manufacturers, distributors and technical expertise.


We license our technology to Computer Hardware, Peripheral Suppliers and Semiconductor companies, prominently displaying our branded technology logo platform to connect and secure cross-platform data networks. Our business model provides attractive licensing & royalty streams and a bankable App strategy delivering incremental functionality and pervasive applications.


True Innovation is Disruptive

True Innovation is Disruptive

The invention of the lightbulb was not created through further improvements to the candle; similarly, data networks cannot be significantly enhanced by incremental improvements to existing network protocols or approaches. In fact, the entire industry appears to be missing the obvious.

crossPORT reinvented data networking from a wholly fresh perspective; looking at the core of data communications: serial data transfers.

To do so, we had to discard 40 years of incremental enhancements based on an irrelevant assumption. Instead, we both embraced and challenged the status quo simultaneously to bring breakthrough solutions in a world of exploding data and a multiplicity of connections.

Reconnecting every aspect of our digital world

Changing Everything Changing Nothing

Changing Everything; Changing Nothing

crossPORT’s Software Constructed Networks challenge everything that defines today’s data networks. Our technology is a clear break from perceived limitations that restrict the very definition of a data network connection, whether wired, wireless or optical.

Data networking is taught in every university, every company, every industry that data networks are created by adding routing and addressing information to optimized data packets over a single connection, and retroactively securing that connection. crossPORT changes all that, by introducing a network through the combination of multiple bridged I/O links.

At the same time, crossPORT’s Software Constructed Networks change nothing.

                          + No new connectors              + No new protocols

                          + No new components            + No new fabrication processes

                           + No new hardware                + No security afterthoughts

                           + No expensive routing          + No transmission overheads

Just a new Perspective, and a “Magic Touch”

Connecting every device, system, network, user and scenario, both present and future.


The Market Calls Out

Market-led Innovation


crossPORT technologies derived from a request for optically isolated USB cabling solutions for medical uses. To achieve maximum speed, we had to avoid traditional buffered approaches; and by mimicking plastic optical approaches, we saw an obvious simpler way. Power isolation required that we pull a data signal from the receiving side, but what if we did this anyway?


At the same time, we were approached by one of the world’s leading software and hardware companies to solve the challenge of transferring terabytes of gaming data from one platform to another. Data needed to be transferred direct from a first Host system to a second Host system, at the highest possible bus speeds.

The problem: peripheral bus protocols that supplied the necessary bandwidth are designed for Host to Device communications; and buffered alternatives are too slow, and scale expensively. A solution needed to use standard components, readily available cables, standard software and drivers, be simple enough for every-day users and it needed to be inexpensive.


According to the peripheral bus protocol specifications such as USB, a first Host system cannot speak directly to a second Host systems. The power and speed of peripheral communications derive from there being a clear Master and a clear Slave, so the expensive overheads of network protocol arbitration are avoided. And so too, the packaging and addressing of data is not an issue because, quite frankly, the recipient is obvious.

A Host system will talk to a Device, and thus two Hosts can communicate across a Device bridge. This is hardly new, there are multiple bridges that buffer communications.

But, by bridging multiple links, across multiple buses, crossPORT has shown that data transfers and networks between Peer systems can be established FASTER, SIMPLER and MORE SECURELY than anything previously delivered using peripheral communications.

Ces Innovation Award

CES Innovation Award

Technology evolution never seems to follow a linear path.

Our modest basement beginnings were an insulated version of the Silicon Valley garage story. Working with standard components and materials, innovation derived from a novel viewpoint and reconceptualization of how data networks can work.

Awarded Honorable Mention at the 2015 CES Innovation Awards for its 4-port USB 3.0 passive switch, develLAB Electronics Inc. ultimately failed to market its products and collapsed.

Today, this award-winning technology and other assets form the basis of crossPORT Network Solutions Inc. Initially developed to develop a simple bridged cable, we continue to explore the technology and dig deeper – eventually creating a multi-port network switch and demonstrating the scalability and power of the novel networking approach.

Innovate, Pivot and Venture Onwards.



Today, two of three originating principals, together with a growing team, continue the mission to deliver scalable data transfer and low latency data networking. Reconstructing designs solely from patents and assets acquired from develLAB, crossPORT’s technologies are a testament to their simplicity.

Our international team is a blend of management and technology leaders that deliver a new perspective on implementing data networking at system, board and chip levels. Bringing together experienced USB technology, sales and marketing leaders, our team is ready to introduce a new round of disruptive peripheral technologies and ultra-high speed cables and connections. Building on recognized industry expertise in data interconnections, drivers, IP, and ultra-high speed communications, crossPORT’s team advise industry leaders on today’s leading edge data communications.

With the power of USB Type-C connectivity, crossPORT unleashes the power of USB 3 Network capabilities across the industry.

Constructing tomorrows’ data networks.


“There’s an App for That”

Advances in data networking have nearly always require a replacement of existing hardware; creating an ever-growing chasm between yesterday and tomorrow. With a view to transcending hardware currency, crossPORT can now unify the digital universe with private, scalable and simple data links that will leverage existing and future connections.

Fully scalable, secured and defined by crossPORT software and firmware, devicePIPE™ networks provide an evolving data network platform defined by the simple installation of an “App” on connected systems.

Designed for every major Operating System, our apps are plug-n-play and can be deployed, upgraded and secured on billions of existing systems.

Working with the architects of modern peripheral connectivity, crossPORT delivers a growing range of ultra-high speed and highly flexible data connections for consumer, enterprise, data center and Network of Things uses.

Connecting Data across any Platform.